Tours at Mexico

Mexico offer a lot of beautiful tours which you can take with guide or by your own. If nature, city, hiking, climbing, cruces or adventure tours you will be not disappointed if you choose the right guide and place. The ecoturism offer may the most and exiting tours thru Mexico. We will show you some possibilities you have. Volcano Climbing Some of the volcano's of Mexico can be climbed. There excellent tours which can guide to the to. Nowadays are some Volcano's like popcatepetl not any more accessible because of there activity. You should inform yourself well in your local travel agency or in the Internet which are possible to climb. Whale watching Some places offer whale watching tours. Most of them can give the possibility to see and touch the gray wales. A excellent place for this is Monterey, there you will find easily a guide who takes you in a small bout out in the ocean to the wales.


Most of the places offer hiking tours in small groups or by your own. Because of the may unknown animals and the difficult trails it is highly recommended to take a guide if you what to explore the mountains or the jungle. Great nature, small villages, exotic plants and animals are waiting to explore. You can find hiking tours from one day up to 2 weeks independence the trip. For most of the tips you should be in good conditions of your body. 


Mexico offer a great and rich tours for ancient pyramids and temples. Some of them are hidden in the jungle or deep in the mountains which make it impossible to reach them by car. All over Mexico you can find blue signs which will guide you to the sacred pyramids.


In some parts you can rent a kayak and row thru the ocean, manglars and rivers. Some places are save and can made by your own. Other have crocodiles or other risks which should not made alone. Whitewater kayaking an white-water rafting require in any case a guide because the rivers in Mexico can by quite dangerous and to find help is almost impossible in the lonely mountains. 

Bird watching 

Mexico is the third best place in the world for bird watching. Some places of ecoturism offer bird watching and give you access to there equipment. An excellent place for this kind of activities is la Mancha at Veracruze. The guides can tell you from very far which species any bird is.