The war of independence

Miguel Hidalgo began at 1810 the fight for the Mexican independence. Mexican conservative ones and rich land owners, which supported the Spanish king family of the Bourbonen, placed themselves against those comparatively liberal politics of Napoleon. An alliance formed between the liberal or liberals at Mexico, which aimed for a democratic Mexico. The community between both groups was the conviction that Mexico should have its own way to go and aim at independence. The fight lasted up to eleven years, until the troops of the release army drew 1821 into Mexico city. Even if the independence from Spain had been already explained 1810, it was only sealed by the contract of Córdoba on 24 August 1821, in Córdoba (Veracruz) by Juan de O'Donojú and Agustin de Iturbide.

The first republic

The first republic in the History of Mexico 4 October 1824 became Mexico official the condition of a republic. The same time, Félix Fernández also known as Guadeloupe Victoria became the first president of Mexico. 1829 a tried the spaniards to conquer Mexico back to there own state, but the invaders where defeated at Támpico north of Veracruz.

Interventions of France

After the Spanish and British federations moved out of the country, the Frenchmen penetrate into the Mexican high country. On 16 June 1864 started emperor Maximilian to assume the office in Mexico. Maximilian favors the education of a reduced monarchy, which is to divide power with a democratically selected congress. The liberal of the Mexican conservative ones,reject the monarchy in principle, so that Maximilian finds only little trailer. After the pressure from the USA at 1866 moved the Frenchmen troops out of Mexico.. Emperor Maximilian decides to stay in the country. At the 14.of May 1867 he lost the war with he's and the Mexican troops at Querétaro. At the 19 of June 1867 he was taken as prisoner and finally executed.The Mexican revolutionIn the year 1910, Porfirio Díaz decided to accomplish new votes in order to officiate a further period as president. Francisco Madero, decided to candidate against him.and received fast large public support, although Porfirio Diaz let him imprisoned-set.When the official election result was announced, it meant that Diaz had won the votes nearly without dissenting votes and Madero received only a few hundred voices. Madero published the plan of San Luis Potosí, in which he called the population on 20 November 1910 to seize to the weapons and proceed against the government Porfirio Diaz. This electoral fraud was too obviously, than that the population would have accepted it, rebellions broke out.

Madero published the plan of San Luis Potosí, in which he called the population on 20 November 1910 to seize to the weapons and proceed against the government of Diaz.This started the Mexican revolution . Madero was arrested in San Antonio, but he's plan was accomplished. The federal army was struck by the revolution army, which was stated among other things in the south by Emiliano Zapata, in the north by Pancho mansion and Pascual Orozco as well as by Venustiano Carranza, Porforio Diáz withdrew on 25 May 1911 "in the name of the peace of the nation" and went into the exile to France, where it died 1915. The revolution leaders represented very different goals, among them were both liberals With the consequence the the education of a functioning government from the victorious revolution troops turned out as very difficult. The result were conflicts, which continued longer than twenty years. During this time (1913) the president Madero, 1920 President Carranza, was murdered 1919 by Zapata, 1923 mansion, as well as many other persons.On the resignation of Porfirio Diaz was Madero selected to the president on 1911. 1913 he was murdered. Venustiano Carranza, a former revolution general, who was one of the presidents of the future, put the condition on 5 February 1917 into effect, which has still validity today in Mexico.

Independence of Mexico 

Miguel Hidalgo started a revolution for the independence of mexico at the 16. September 1810 against the Spaniards concurs. The famous !VIVA MEXICO! was the sign for the people which where inaugurated in the plans of the revolution. When he started to scream !VIVA MEXICO! around 80.000 people followed him which fought an councoured Guanajuato und Guadalajara after one month. After the sucsess Hidalgo and he's people moved to Mexico City, where the spaniard stopped the rebellions at Calleja near Guadalajara. Miguel Hidalgo got condemns and executed.

After Miguel Hidalgo

Jose Maria Morelos leaded the revolution for the independence of mexico after migel hidalgo was executed. Also he failed and was killed by the Spaniards. After 30 years of great political turmoil started the war with The USA where Mexico lost California, Texas and New Mexico. Benito Juarez became 1861 president where he reduced the powers of the Church and promoted reform laws that were incorporated into the Constitution of 1857.Dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz1876-1880 and 1884-1911 where the dictator Porfirio Diaz voted to the president, but also he diddent liberate mexico from the Spaniards, all the way around he supports with he's acts to split more the clases of rich and poor. The final independence 1910-1917 started  Francisco Madero, military uprisings by Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa) in the north, and Emiliano Zapata in the south, a Revolution was against the dictatorship of Diaz. After Diaz where beaten, Madero became president until Victoriano Huerta killed him 1913. Subsequent became Venustiano Carranza president, and renewed the anticlericalism of Juarez, where he gave land to the indigenous and succes ful ended the indipendence of Mexico.