The Virgin of Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe or familiar named in Mexico Lupita, is may the most important image which Mexico have. Millions of pilgrims come every year to see her picture in the her church at Mexico City. People travel from far by foot or on there knees to thank her for her miracles. Since today there is no scientist who can explain how the picture was created. The Legend say that the virgin of Guadalupe was painted in the cloth of a indigenous man who carried flowers 
The Picture of Guadalupe The picture is painted with unknown pigments which could not even the NASA identifie. Her eye contains a reflection of a man with open shirt full of flowers. Around this man are some other people. The reflection in her eye can not even today the best miniature painter in the world copy. It is so exact an detailed that scientist donĀ“t have a explanation for this. 


Millions of pilgrims from all around the world come every year to see the virgin. If a miracle happens which somebody asked for he will keep he's promise which he promised when he praied for. Some of the pilgrims come from very far on there knees, some even with a cactus or a bags filled with books or other heavy objects on their back. Sometimes whole villages travel from far sometimes more days, to see the virgin because a miracle happened. On the last 1000 meters are many people who give the pilgrims food, drinks, candies, fruits etc. because they promised, if this miracle happen i will make god for the world and share my bread with many people. 

The birthday of Guadalupe

At the 12.of december travel 10 thousands of pilgrims travel to the mountain Tepeyac to see the image of the Virgen of Guadalupe Some of the pilgrims travel by feet, bike or knees from there village to the basilica. In honors of the virgin on this day starting from the early morning hours a mass is held after the other one. In front of the Basilica people are camping, dancing ritual dances, and celebrate the birthday of the Guadalupe