The spanish conquest of Mexico

The spanish conquest In the year 1519 conquered the Spaniards the country of the Aztecs. 1517 was the Island of Yucatán already conquered by Francisco Hernández de Córdova. One of the most important conquerors was Hernán Cortés. He came for the first time 1519 over a coastal town of the natives into the country, he gave it the name "Puerto de la mansion Rica de la Vera Cruz" which is today known as Veracruze.When the Spaniards arrived the at Mexico, The Aztecs. which ruled the country in this time, believed in that the Spaniards where sent by the gods. Likes this the Spaniards had it quite easy in the first time to take a lot of there Country. After the Aztecs. released that the spaniards are not Gods, the started to build up a resistance. There resistance was strong and they strucked nearly the spaniards to defeat. Finally the spaniards encircled Tenochtitlán the capital city of the Aztecs. With this step the spaniards defeated the aztecs at the 13 of august 1521 complete.After the spaniards ruled the country millions indigenous people died, because of diseases which are brought from the spaniards Of course the indigenous people diddent hat immunity and the knowledge to heal this sicknesses. The consequence of the settlement of Mexico by the Spaniards developed soon the new ethnical group of the Mestizen, which were usually the children of Spanish fathers and natives of mothers.