Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Jiménez is born at the 2. of september 1966 at Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexiko. With sixteen Salma Hayek broke the school off because of behavioral problems with the religious sisters who ran the school. She returned to Mexico for a while, but then she was sent to Houston, Texas, where she stayed until she was 17. Later she moved back to Mexico where she began to arise in the famous Mexican Telenovelas on the television. 

Salma Hayek has appeared in more than thirty films. 1994,she stared in the movie The Alley of Miracles, which has won more awards than any other movie in the history of the Mexican Cinema. Hayek was nominated for the Ariel Award because of her performance. In the 90´s she started her career at Hollywood, where she became famous as the lady with the snake from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Salma Hayek received her first Oscar in the year 2003 for the movie "Frida", also she got nominated for the Golden Globe as the best international actress.

Salma Hayek aka Frida

In "Frida" (2003), the filming of the life history of the painter Frida Kahlo act Salma not just as Main actor also she worked as Director. At the same time was a another Frida Kahlo film with Jennifer Lopez planned but was canceled.