Resortes - Adalberto Martínez Chávez

Adalberto Martínez Chávez better known as Resortes were born the 26 of January of 1916 in the criminal area Tepito in Mexico City. He was a excellent actor, comedian and dancer. He stared he's career as a member of a circus and ended he's career with more than 50 movies and different Television series. 


Adalberto Martínez Chávez (Resortes) was born in a relatively poor family and was the second of 7 child of Luis Martinez and Enriqueta Chávez. At the age of 15 years, began he's artistic race began in the the Hidalgo Theater in Mexico City. He started to work for a circus where he danced and made comedy. In the year 1943 offered Brave Miguel Kings, Resortes to play in the Follies Theater where he revived a got loan.

Start of he's career 

In 1946 while he worked in the Lírico Theater, Lazaro Espinoza (that was great friend of Mario Moreno Cantinflas), notified to him that Rescuing Jaime, who was the writer of the Mimo of Mexico, wanted to make a film in which Resortes also could participate. He accepted and had great success because of he's unik style to walk and dance. One year later he separated from he's friend Flores, and after eight years to work in the circuses he decides to step on greater scenes.He was fast established in the mexican cinema, and he obtained great fame as dancer and comedian. He's movies " I slept with a ghost" (1947), "Secrets of a ruletero" (1949), "The soccer player phenomenon" (1951), and "The King of Mexico" (1955). and many more had great success and where fast very famous in Mexico.

Resortes received great recognitions like the Goddess of Silver, The Heraldo of Mexico, and the prize of the critical from New York as the best actor at the film "The bricklayers" (1976). After 50 years of he's artistic race he received a lot of more recognitions for example in 1999 he was honored in the Madison Square Garden of New York by his artistic task, besides he also receive the Ariel de Oro in 1994. Resortes collaborated and shared credits with stars like Germa'n So Valdés “Tin”, Fanny Kauffman , Antonio Espino, Amelia Aguilar, Silvia Derbez, Manuel Valdés, and others. In he's personal live he was married three times. Mercedes Constanze was his first wife and with he he had two children. First of these it died when being born and second the other was being victim of an assault. He's second wife was the actress Gloria Ríos whit her he had another son. He's third wife was Josefina Flores. At the age of 87 years passed Resortes at the 4 of April of 2003 away.