The most beautiful places of Mexico

All places in Mexico are amazing. But some are very unik and magic. The government of Mexico choused some places as "pueblos Magicos" which means "magic places". If you don't believe in Magic you have to visit one of this towns, and may it will change your mind. We don't list here all "pueblos magicos". No we choose the mot amazing places City's and villages of Mexico.


Janizio is a small island in a huge lake. Janizio is famous for there butterfly fisherman's and there white fish. the people in Janizio are very friendly and beautiful. You should visit janizio in the day of the dead to see the town in in all there beauty and magic. 

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Taxco is a old silver town located i the North of the state Mexico. Taxco reminds on an old Western town from the movies. Taxco is famous for there silver and there 200 years old baroque-style church.In this time Taxco lives from one silver mine and tourism. If you like to buy silver in Taxco. Keep your eyes open. Not everywhere in Taxco you find the same quality of silver. But of course you can find for a good price very good quality of silver in Taxco. 

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Real de Catorce 

Real de Catorce is also known as the ghost town. You can reach Real de Catorce thru a small pass in the mountains or a 2,7 km long tunnel which was used in the old times for the as as a mine. Real de Catorce is located in the north of mexico in a dessert. The town is famous for there Hichol Art and there Rituals.

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Tequila is famous for there alcoholic drink. Tequila is a small village with huge fields of the agaves. In Tequila you can see and learn a lot about the production, History and effect of Tequila. The people here are friendly and the little shops like to invite for a glass of tequila. But be care full if you come by car. The police is waiting outside to control of how much Tequila you got invited. 


Tepoztlan is also known as the hippy town of Mexico. People say Tepoztlan will be one of the last places on earth. The people here are very friendly and helpfully. Near Tepoztlan in the mountains you can find a pyramid. To visit this pyramid you have to follow a dangerous small path in the mountains. This pyramid is the symbol for the never successful conquer of the spanirs.Also you can try here very exotic ice-cream flavors prepared by the townspeople. 

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Comala is 25 km far from the volcano of Colima. Comala is famous for there white houses and "botaneros" pubs where people go to have a drink and receive free "botanas"(snacks), usually with live music. If you visit Comala you should try there bread. People say it is the best bread of Mexico. 


Veracruze is one of the most important harbors of Mexico. To visit the habour and the center of Veracruze is very beautiful. The people of Veracruze like to speak with bad words. Please don't take is serious it is just there slang. You can find in Veracruze a lot of nice bars and Hotels. If you go out of Veracruz visit La Mancha and you will find one of the last places on earth with 4 different Vegetation. 

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Guanajuato is one of the most important silver-towns of Mexico. Here are the Silver mines still active. The architecture looks like a big castle where ever you step. Guanajuato is a small town in the middle of the north mexico and have 120.000 citizen. Famous is guanajuato for there mummy and there silver. We recommend to visit Guanajuato during the Festival Cervantino. The Festival is 3 weeks long and have more than 2000 Artists from all around the globe in the category's theater, opera, music and dance.

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