Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas is born in San Miguel de Allende at April 29, 1904, he died October 30, 1989 in Mexico City. He was a famous and successful singers and actor of the 20th century of Mexico.


Pedro Vargaz is grown up in a very poor farmer familie with 12 other brothers and sisters which where nor able to read and write. With seven years sented he's mother him to church to sing in the choir. The pries recognized immediately extraordinary voice and gave Pedro he's first lessons to train he's voice. First was pedro not willing to, he wanted to be a bullfighter, until the priest made a pact with Pepe Ortiz, he would teach to him to sing in exchange for would the matador introduced him in the secrets of bullfighting.The priest knew the tenor and composer Mario Talavera who recommended him to professor Jose Pierson, who gave him the opportunity sing in the opera “Cavallería Rusticana” in the Theater Esperanza. Start and end of he's career He traveled, with the Orquesta Típica de Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, to the United States. Pedro Vargaz recorded in his first visit to Buenos Aires he's songs "Porteñita mía" and "Me fui", with the the piano of Pepe Omens and the violin of the legendary Elvino Vardaro.Pedro Vargas approached all the sorts of the pop music. In Colombia he recorded "El trapiche" and "La guabina chiquinquireña". He was idol in Cuba, even Fidel Castro gave him a apartment in Havana, where it recorded several of his discs.

He acted in more than 70 films from where the most where successful. He sang for almost all the presidents of America and other important personalities of the policy. At the 20 of October of 1989 passed Pedro Vargas away while he slept. He was 83 years old.