Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa Doroteo Arango Arámbula who gave himself the name Francisco Villa and was later named Pancho Villa is born in San Juan del Río, Durango. at the 5th of June 1878 at and was killed in July 23, 1923. by he's own government. 


Pancho Villa glowed up in Durango. When he wa 16 years old he he killed the son of the patron in order to revenge the violated honor of its small sister. In order to escape from the law, he changed he's name to Francisco mansion, after an old Mexican bandit. Pancho Villa worked in Parral occasionally as a miner and traded with stolen cattels.1899 the government was looking for him because of bank robbery and murder.

The Robin Hood of Mexico "Pancho Villa" 

The career of Pancho Villa as began around 1900, when he was established with he's trailers in the Mountains. Between 1900 and 1909 he became the hero of the poor. 1910 he followed Francisco Madero and he's revolution troops. He financed he's troops, by stealing cattle's from the endless pastures in north Mexico and selling them at the border from the USA in order to change them to rifles and ammunition.Madero and mansion and the farmer leader Emiliano Zapata forced 1911 the government Díaz to the resignation. Díaz went into the exile to Europe. Francisco Madero became in November 1911 a president of Mexico.In the reign Maderos (PLM - liberal a party of Mexico) served mansion under general Victoriano Huerta. Its political inexperience was used and mansion was used for it, rebellious groupings, which placed themselves against the government Maderos to disarm. 

These come of on the one hand the working class, the socialist of the IWW and on the other hand the rural civil citizen. On 25 November 1911 the Zapatistas published the plan of Ayala. A political program: "soil, mountains and water". The landing paste now gene of the farmers, under the government Porfirio Diaz in favor of of large basic owners advanced, should be cancelled. That was called the expropriation of a third of the country for distribution to landless farmers and the nationalization of all real estate of the great land owners, who oppose this plan.