Monterrey - Mexico

Monterrey is located in the north-west of mexico and is with 3.000.000 citizen the thirdlargest city of the country. Many big mexican companies are located in the industrial area of Monterrey which makes it to the secound important industrial center of Mexico. 


Monterrey is rich of cultural places, museums, and modern shopping centers. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Museum) exebit the some of the leading contemporary artists for, mexico and shoulb be visit if you like art. About 40 km. out of Monterrey you can find the Grottos de GarcĂ­a. The 50milion jears old stalactite cave offers a 2.5 Km long track thrue the cave. Tip: At thursday at middleday offer the Grottos de Garcia a longer trip which is about 3.5 Km. Museo del Obispado is nowasays a small museum, principally wich display the revolutionary period of Mexico.The Museo del Vidrio (Glass Museum) exebit art glassware and indudruce the manufacture and use of glass in Mexico. 


The Safi Royal Luxury Hotel whicj is located around 3 miles away from the center offer nice and clean rooms for an average price (around 65 USD). The Hotel includes a good restaurant, aircondicion, TV etc.The San Pedro Suites are a very nice place to stay, big rooms with nice furniture and possible a kitchen. With around 130 USD it is not the chaepest place to stay but therefore comfortable and in a nice area where shoppingcenters and good resataurants are near.The Holiday Inn Express is located in the city center and offer for ther clean and nice rooms a fair price (around 55 USD). The fact thath it is located direktly make it to a good choise for party traveler with a low budged. 

The weather 

The Wheather in Monterrey is all the jear hot and dry and can reach 40 centigrade. The rain season dont affect the area, but if it rains than heavy with tropical thunderstorms.