Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the biggest city of the world. Around 27 million Citizen live here. You can find a lot of beautiful cultural and exiting treasures at Mexico City. The capital City of Mexico have a lot of contrast between heaven and hell. People say you can find everything in Mexico City . From the most horrible to the most beautiful places you have ever seen. Mexico City have around 1.500,00 km² which makes it a long trip to travel from one end to a another. Therefore we will show you the most important and beautiful places form every delegation, like this you will have it more easy to get a picture of the contrasts and a better navigation if you like to travel around Mexico City

Cultural Places of Mexico City 

Countless places of interest are found here, in the biggest and most populated city in the world. The Cultural Center, as far architecture goes, practically sums up the country's history. The museums of Modern Art, the Ciudad de Mexico, the Santa Carlos, Rufino Tamayo,the National Art Museum, and the National Cultural Museum figure along the most important in the republic, and standing out among them the Anthropologic Museum, which holds an invaluable collection of objects and sculptures of all the pre hispanic cultures. The forest, castle, and zoo in Chapultepec Park, the Basilica of of Guadalupe, the Palace of fine Arts, the Metropolitan Cathedral. (1525), and the National Palace with its murals are all musts. The last two are located in the City Square (zócalo) downtown. The Iturbide Palace (1700), the Zona Rosa (Pink Zone), Xochimilco (to the south of the city) are only some of the sites representative of the federal district.

Álvaro Obregón

The delegation got the name from a famous soldier and politician Álvaro Obregón Salido
AzcapotzalcoAzcapotzalco is in the northwestern part of Mexico City. Benito JuárezIn Delegation Benito Juárez is the Airport of Mexico City located.
CoyoacánCoyoacán is known as the hippy area in the south. Beautiful little restaurants and cafes form the delegation to a very relax place. At the weekends is the market where you can get art crafts and other handmade stuff. The main attractions in the area are the house of Frida Kahlo, and the National Arts Centre. The Olimpic pool and Gym is a park which is excellent for sports. 

Cuajimalpa de Morelos

Cuajimalpa is in the very east of Mexico City and means, origin the woods, which you can still find there. The Exception del Desierto de los Leones (the Ex convention dessert of the lions) is located in the middle of the woods, a visit should not be missed if you visit Mexico City. Cuajimalpa have nice little markets where you can find all kind of stuff. In the Center of Cuajimalpa are often little events for all the citizen. 


Cuauhtémoc is the Center of Mexico City. The angel of independence which is located at the Reforma street is Mexico´s most important monumental statue and can be seen here. Also the Zocalo (center) where its the Cathedral, Government place shopping centers, restaurants, Cafes and ancient ruins is in this delegation. For shopping is this area a perfect place, the prices are low and the offers are great. The center is divided in different shopping areas. There are streets just for music instruments, others just for computer and electronic. If you found the location you need you will have hundreds of shops and stands which have exactly what you need. Be care the prices are everywhere different. 

Gustavo A. Madero

Gustavo A. Madero is in the north of Mexico City. Millions of people travel every year to the "Basilica de Guadalupe" which is located here. The south of the area hit on the border of tepito. This place is not recommendable to visit because of the high crime. 


Iztacalco is the smallest delegation of Mexico City but still have around 400 thousand inhabitants. Iztacalco lodges important buildings, like the Palacio de los Deportes , the Car Race Track, facilities of the Sport City of the Magdalena Mixiuhca, Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.
IztapalapaIztapalapa is located in the east of Mexico City and have a population of around 1.9000.000 inhabitants. Iztapalapa de Cuitláhuac and San Lorenzo Tezonco are two of the oldest towns of the delegation. Millions of people and pilgrims travel every year to witness a reenactment of the Passion of Christ. The delegation have a hill called "Cerro de la Estrella" (Hill of the Star) where are some ancient pyramids and temples and lots of deep caves located. The delegation offer a lot of festivities all around the year The most important are: El Viacrucis de Iztapalapa, El Viacrucis de San Lorenzo, Los carnavales, Las fiestas patronales and the day of the dead. 

La Magdalena Contreras

The delegation is located in the east of Mexico City and have around 230.000 inhabitants. 

Miguel Hidalgo

In the delegation Miguel Hidalgo are some of the best colonies and divisions of Mexico City, like Lomas de Chapultepec, Lomas de Sotelo, Polanco, Chapultepec, Popotla, Escandón, Anáhuac, among others. There same important places for the city and the country of Mexico located, as the Official Residencia de los Pinos, the Castle of Chapultepec, the National Audience, the National Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Modern Art, Museum Rufino Tamayo, the National Museum of History and the historical Forest of Chapultepec.

Milpa Alta

Milpa Alta is located in the south of Mexico City. Their inhabitants are called milpanecos. Milpa Alta produces near eighty percent of the nopal that is consumed in Mexico The delegation is also famous for for the National Fair of the Mass, a gastronomical festival that is celebrated in San Pedro Atocpan. The most important festivities are Semana Santa and the Carnival. TláhuacTláhuac is located in the east of Mexico City and have around 850.000 inhabitants.


Tláhuac is the delegation in which the town of San Andrés Míxquic is located which is world-wide famous by its festivities by day of Dead, which attract million national and international tourists to the delegation.


Tlalpan is the largest delegation and is located in the north-east of Mexico City. In the South part of the delegation are the mountain ranges of Chichinautzin and the Ajusco, where the main wooded areas of Federal District are conserved, as well as fifteen mountains greater to three thousand meters of height, including both higher points of the organization: the hill de la Cruz of the Marquess with 3,930 meters, and the hill Tip of the Eagle, with 3,880 meters. By this delegation the last alive river of the Federal District runs, the Magdalena River which suffers of one serious problem of contamination.

Venustiano Carranza

Venustiano Carranza is located in the north of Mexico City. The Benito Juárez International Airport is located in the delegation. 


It is located south from Mexico City. Xochimilco is the area of plants and flowers. Thousands of Gardener markets and stands give you the feeling to be in an jungle of asphalt, people and plants. You also will find the boats of love where young and old people rent a boat to drive down the river to drink, enjoy and have fun. 

The weather 

Mexico City have a average climate which can reach around 30 centigrade. Between may and september is the rain time which bring a lot of rain and transformed some roads to small rivers. The winter can bring some cold in the mornings and evenings, but usually the days are sunny, without rain.