Mexican traditional dance

There are two different types of traditional dance the Aztec and the folklore from the different states of Mexico. Every region have it´s own Mexican traditional dance. Each folkloric group is usually capable of performing dances from several regions. We will introduce you to the most important an beautiful. 

The Yaqui and Mayo

The Yaqui and Mayo tribes are wearing masks of dears and coyotes and hunters. Their dance symbolise the good and evil. With an elegant and profound movements present there dances the game between the hunter and the dear. 


The costume uses uses twice the material and has four overlapping ruffles. The woman hold their skirts by the edge of the bottom ruffle, pulling them above their heads which creates a dramatic drape effect. The music has a 12/8 rhythmic structure and is plays usually with villon's and guitars. 


The costumes of the women's are usually a white blouse of light-weight material with ribbons an a cotton shawl. The skirt is often white cotton or silk, using a black velvet apron with ornate embroidery. The hair is colourfully decorated with flowers. High heels are used for the foot tapping of the traditional dances.

The men wear a silk shirt with an embroidered front, white cotton slacks, and a silk scarf worn around the neck. The boots are usually white also the man carries a red ribbon which is used when the couple ties the band into a bow using only their feet.The dances is a game between the man who want to concour the heart and try to get the attention of the women and the women who tryes to keep the distance and give small attention to the man. The shoes of the women players a important role to seduce the man an to step in the rhythm of the music.The instruments for the music are usually violins, jaranas, and guitars.