Mazatlan - Mexico

Mazatlan have around 500.000 citizen and is the largest port in Mexico. The city is famous the carnival, there beautiful beaches and there excellent locations for sport fishing. The brewery of Pacifco which is one of the most popular beer is located here. Also Pedro Infante who was a great actor and singer is born here.AttractionsFor sports fishing is mazatlan the right place. You can find little hut which offer Sport fishing or even high sea fishing all over the beach or town.The town offers excellent eco tours which offer from hiking, horse riding, bird watching and mountain biking everything you need to have a great nature experience. The boat tours are a good option to see more from the nature around Mazatlan. Also it can bring you to places secluded beaches where you can swim or see the underwater world by snorkeling or diving. 

Beaches in Mazatlan

Playa Norte is a nice and clean place for swimming and surfing. Usually the beach is un crowded except for the mexican holidays you will find more people at the beach. The waves are medium, sometimes it can happen that they grow bigger which should be taken with precaution.Playa Camaron is usually crowed because of the surrounded hotels. The ocean have small waves and golden sand. From here you have access to restaurants and small shopping centers. Playa Olas Atlas is the may most popular beach for surfing in Mazatlan. The waves are high and not ideal for swimming. The Beach offer´s access to cafes and restaurants. 


The Mardi Gras Carnival starts one week before Ash Wednesday and hold on one week. This is the third largest Mardi Gras in the world after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. We recommend to reservation your hotel early if you decide to travel to this event. 

The weather 

Mazatlan have the most time of the year a average to hot humid climate. between October and May is the rain season where the whether can be very humid. The winter can be lightly cold.