La Paz - Mexico

La Paz the capital city of Baja California Sur and have around 220.000 citizen. The holiday paradise offer a lot of culture, water sports, excellent restaurant and hotels. The beaches directly in the city are may not the best for swimming because of the local port. But therefore around La Paz you will find the paradise of beaches and landscape. 

Attractions in La Paz

La Paz has a beautiful theater where are often concerts, shows, ballet and many other kind of entertainment are offered. The anthropological museum has ea little but nice collections of piece The fact that it´s free of charge make it worth to visit.If you like to see exotic insects and amphibians the Serpentarium offers different kind of snakes, lizards, turtles, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and many typical Rain Forest species. The Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Paz the Government Palace and the Legislative Palace are all located at the center of the city and are also interesting to see. The may most beautiful thing you can do is to watch the wales but therefore you have to come in season, the best is to ask your local hotel for more information. All around the year you can visit the sea lions which are at a island near the city located. 

Beaches in La Paz

Around La Paz are may the most beautiful beaches of Baja California. You can find beaches from plenty of activity, or completely empty. Most places offer restaurants and water sport activity's.Playa la Paz is near the town and light crowded,but still clean and a great opportunity if you don't like to travel far from the city to go swim.Playa Palmira is most of the time crowded with hotel guests and vendors. From here you are close to restaurants and shopping areas.Isla Espirito Santo is in the north east of town around one our amazing boat ride and you have access to fourteen miles clean golden sand and waters with very little people. This facts make make this beach to the best opportunity if you have time and like to see a piece of paradise. If you visit the island we recommend to take a sun umbrella a hut or other shade spending stuff because to find a shady space is rare. Bahia de la Ventana is in the south of La Paz ( around 20 miles) have miles of lonely sands and clear waters. Also very recommendable after the Isle Espirito Santo.


The Festival of the Gray Whale take place in the end of january and is five weeks long. 
The may best carnival after Veracuz is located in La Paz and starts just before Lent.

The weather

The weather is most of the time dry and hot. The summertime is extremely hot. The wintertime is may the best time to travel but it is still hot and the nights are warm.