Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Jose Alfredo Jimenez is born at the 9 of January 1926 in Dolores Hidalgo and died of hepatitis at the 23 of November 1973 in Mexico City. He was a famous singer and songwriter. Without any knowledge of note writing he composed around 200 songs. Legends as Pedro Infante and Pedro Vargas popularize he's music to the cinema. There started the great international success and other famous artist where singing he's songs. 


Jose Alfredo Jimenez was born in a poor family which encouraged him to be come a doctor. Because of he's strong interests in music he did not gave to much attention to the school, although he never were interested to become a doctor. With nine years old he composed songs which he teached he's friends. He composed he's first successful songs at the age of 18 years. This brought him to break out in 1950 with he's song Yo witch he played with the group "Los CosteƱos."

The most famous songs of Jose Alfredo Jimenez

  • Ella Media Vuelta
  • El Rey 
  • El Jinete
  • Si Nos Dejan
  • Cuando el Destino
  • El Caballo Blanco
  • Llego Borracho
  • El Borracho
  • Que Te Vaya Bonito
  • Camino de Guanajuato