Huatulco - Mexico

The village Huatulco have around 1000 citizen. The former fisher village transformed to a tourist center at the pacific ocean because of the influence of the successful tourist zone Cancun. But it is still not crowded of tourists, like Cancun or Acapulco. Nowadays the predominant part of the coast region is protected area to beware the nature and the eco-tourism. The village also offers great surfing and water sports.Transport with taxis is cheap, or if you like to rent a car or scooter you can rent it in some places in Huatulco for little money,(we recommend to reserve a car) most of the roads are very good and the traffic is pretty light.

Festival del Mar 

Every year in the spring is the Festival del Mar with famous musicians and artists from around the world. Beaches and the area The area of Huatulco consists of 9 main bays with tropical blue water, bars and shopping areas. The other 36 beautiful beaches, spreading out over approximately 30 km (18 miles). Most of the still empty beaches are just reachable by boat or water taxis. 


The Castillo Hotel is 25 min by car, far from Huatulco. But therefore are the beaches are not crowded and the prices for everything are much cheaper. The hotel will make you feel like all inclusive vacations, but you don´t have to pay for that (around 70 USD). The rooms are very nice and clean. The place offers a pool, garden and lot´s of activity. For a holiday with kids is this the right place. Hotel Arrecife is a very nice place to stay, not just because of their economic prices (around 30 USD) also because of the excellent service and the nice ambient they have. The rooms are simple and clean. The hotel offers a restaurant, bar, pool, air conditioning, internet. For people who want to stay comfortable and don't want to spend to much money is this is the right place. 

The Weather 

The weather in huatulco is all around the year hot and humid. The thermometer can climb up to 32 centigrade's in summer. The winter is still hot an humid but a little cooler than in summer. Between November and May is the dry season which can be very hot because their is no rain.