Guanajuato - Mexico

The capital, Guanajuato have around 80,000 citizen, and was declared to a World Heritage Site because of its superb plazas and buildings dating from the colonial age.


The may most amazing attraction is just to be there an enjoy the amazing architecture which reminds on a huge castle.There are also the museum of the mummy's which should be visit. For people who like art is the house of the famous painter Diego Rivera which is nowadays a museum a visit worth. The plazuela del Barratilo and the Hidalgo Garden are also beautiful places to go. For entertainment is the beautiful Juarez Theater a recommendable option . 


The greatest Hotel of Guanajuato is the Castillo Santa Cecilia which is near the center located. A huge caste which is renovated to an wonderful hotel. The prices are moderate for the service and location they offer. The Hotel Quinta Las Acacias which is located in the south of the city is may the most expensive option but also one of the most beautiful. The French style building contains just 9 rooms therefore is a early reservation required. The Hacienda del Marques Rancho and Hotel is may also not the cheapest option, therefore contain the hotel a great park and a architecture of the Hacienda style. 


Every October start the Festival Cervantino which is the most important artistic and cultural event in all Latin America.All kind of concerts, cultural and artistic events, cinema, theatre, dance, plastic arts, and other attractions transform the city to gigantic and colorful festival. Since 1972 take the Festival Cervantino place in Guanajuato.

The mummies´s of Guanajuato

The mummies were discovered the cemetery in Guanajuato. Nowadays they are exhibit in a museum where around one million tourist per year travel to. The mummy's where accidental mummified because of the soil conditions and the dry climate which caused the bodies to dry out before they could decompose. The gouvement set in the 1896 a law where citizen have to pay a Tax fee for the local cemetery. If you families moved or where not able to pay the tax, there body where moved out of the grave, if the families was still not able to pay, placed the government the accidental mommy in a display case in the museum which is called " El museo de las momias" where are 119 mummies displayed. The law changed in 1958, since this day where no new mummies added to the museum. 

The weather in Guanajuato 

The weather in Guanajuato have all around the year a sunny and dry climate.In the summer the thermometer can climb up to 27 centigrade's. The winter can be cool in the evenings and mornings but usually the sun is shining but covered from some clouds. Between July and August is the rain season where usually fall a lot of rain.