Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was born at the 6 of July 1907 and died at the 13 of July, 1954. She was one of the gratest painter of Mexico, and is nowadys one of the most famous artist worldwide. Her style of combining Surrealism, with Realism gave her fantastic paintings and self portraits a unik style which is copyed now adays milions of times. In her privat live she was marryed to Diego Rivera who came from germany to be with her. Kahlo studdyd art and medicine bevore she had her accident. 

The paintings of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo had a Bus acident at the 17 of September 1926. Because of this she could never had kids, and had to stop her medicine carrer. After her mother brouth some brushes colour and a lap easel to her bed she started to paint all day long. Most of the pictures reflect her pain and sufferment she had. Her selfportraits show her sad and handycept. Examples are the picture, Henry Ford Hospital, (1932) where she lie alone in a hopital bed surounded by organs, bones and medical instruments. Her strenth showes the bayby which may could be interpretet as newborn live. The pictue The Broken Column, (1944) shows her pain she had after the accident. The nails symolise the physical pain she got from outside. The collum reflect her pain she had from her body. 
Not all of her work reflects her pain, some of her art is very shows her strength and power she resived from this expreriance. Most of her selportrais a show her serios with her srong eyebrous and small lip barth. A good example showes the picture abouve with the monkey.