Emilio Zapata

Emilio Zapata is born ( August 8, 1879) in the village Anenecuilco, Morelos. He was and still is a legendary person for Mexico because of hes act´s in the mexican revolution of 1910. Zapata leaded and commanded the Liberation Army of the South against the dictator of Porfirio Díaz. Nowadays Zapata an Pancho Villa are a symbol of liberty and revolution for most of the mexicans. 

"Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas!" ( Better to die upright than to live on your knees! ) 

The Revolution of 1910 

1910 decided Zapata to fight with Francisco Madero for the Mexican revolutionary's. The goal of the revolution was to end the regime of Porfirio Díaz. Together with the Magonistas they where fighting for a country of liberty ("Tierra y Libertad").

1911 chosed the Liberation Army of the South, Zapata to the head of the Chef the revolutionary movement of the south. Most of the members of hes army was build by farmers and indigenous people. Because of the support of the citizens, had the army of Zapata great success in the guerrilla war at Morleios even if they had less arms and people. Mai 1911 concurred the Zapatistas which had already more than 4000 fighters, Cuernervaca, the capital city of Morelos.

Zapata´s Dead 

Zapata was murdered at April 9, 1919, by a army which Jesús Guajardo prepared to kill him in a trap. He invited Zapata for a meeting that he was intending to defect to the revolutionaries. Zapata first didn't believed him, until Jesús Guajardo said, i will kill all my people which wored before against you, therefore you have to believe me. Of course Zapata didn´t want this to happen thath he ciled more people, and confirmed the invitation. Next day he arrived in the Hacienda de San Juan, in Chinameca (which is today a museum) where already the army of Guajardo prepared with arms is waiting. He step throe the door, at this second the hundreds of bullets are firring on his body which, killed him. 

After they shoot him, they brought hes body to Cuautla, where he was showed to the people and to collect the bounty, which where subsided for his dead. Just the have of the bounty was payed from the promised amount for hes dead.