The capital city Durango have around 450,000 citizen and is located in the north of mexico. If you enter the city you may feel that you are in Western movie from the 90´s may this is the reason why many filming company's took place here to recorded there western movies. 

The hot whether and the amazing cultural sights make Durango to a beautiful place. The city is famous for there minerals which they sell all around the world. 


Durango offers many cultural sights, museums, parks and restaurants. Close to the center you will find the Government Palace, and Cathedral which are surrounded by beautiful restaurants and small shops. The Guadalupe Sanctuary and the Municipal Palace can be visit in the the center.For entertainment are the Victoria Theater which offers cultural contemporary acts or the The Sahuatoba Park where are often in the weekends and holidays open air concerts play a good opportunity.The Ganot-Peschard Museum of Archaeology is specialized of indigenous cultures, prehistoric times and the Conquest. The Museum of Anthropology and History offers a great collection of contemporary art, colonial paintings and prehistoric ceramics. Small temples, portable altars and the pyramids should be on the list if you visit Durango. Great nature surrounds the city which offer you the opportunity of climbing , biking, hiking, and camping. 


The Country Plaza Hotel is about 40 minutes from the airport located. The costs for rooms are quite are fair for there excellent service and rooms.The Hacienda de Las Flores is more economic and families friendly. The old hacienda offers nice rooms and excellent service for a nice price. Also you can find Hotels from Best Western, Hilton and Holiday in.

The weather of Durango 

Durango have usually around the year a hot and humid but pleasant weather with around 35 Celsius. The winter is usably a little more cold, with little rain but still pleasant.