Cozumel is a island near Yucatan around 60km away from Cancun. With 647,33 km² and around 100.000 citizen is Cozumel the biggest island of Mexico. The capital city is San Miguel where around 90.000 people live. The highest point on the island is less than 15 meters above sea level.


The Chankanaab Lagoon is wonderful place for diving and snorkeling. In this riff you can find hundreds of different fishes and plants. The Village El Catedral is beautiful old fisher town which is un crowded of tourists, and have some mayan cultural sights. Museo de Cozumel have information about the history, geography and geology. The small museum also have a recommendable restaurant. Punta Calarin is where the Lighthouse is located. You can climb up the lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful vie over the ocean and small island. 

Festival of El Cedral

The historic festival of El Cedral take place at the end of April or beginning of May in San Miguel. The festival lasts 5 days where the whole town transform to a "fiesta" with music, bullfights, fairs, rodeos, and competitions. If you visit Cancun or other parts of the Yucatan islands around this time it is recommendable to visit Cozumel for there festival. Diving paradise Cozumel Around the small island are may the most beautiful coral riffs of the world. Scuba diving is still Cozumel's primary draw, therefore these coral reefs are protected from the open ocean by the island's natural geography. the government of Mexico also established the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park, forbidding anyone from touching or removing any marine life within the park boundaries.


The Allegro Resort is perfect for all inclusive vacations. The luxury resort is directly on the beach and just 20 min away from the airport. The whole hotel is clean and the service excellent. The prices are a little expensive but therefore you get paid back with exellent conditions for a beautiful all inclusive holiday. Hotel Aguilar is a small hotel located around 2 minutes from the beach. The room´s are simple and clean. The hotel offers a pool and a garden to relax. The prices for the rooms (around 36 USD) are low for cozumel. 

The weather 

The weather in Cozumel is all the year hot and humid. The rain season is from october to january and from april to june. During this mount it is still hot but more humid and can cool off in the evenings. The rain season can bring tropical thunderstorms. The winter is still hot and humid.