Cancun Mexico

Cancun is a City in the east at the coast of Yucatan at Mexico. The City have around 478.400 citizen and is famous for there beautiful beaches, landscape and nice whether. Cancun is also a famous destination for the spring break for american US students. Nowadays it is a famous hollyday resort which is retracting to the history where the government made this place to a tourism resort. After the hurricane Wilma the infrastructure and there beaches are better renewed than ever. 


In the old times was Cancun a almost from the civilization in violated Island with a few villages and some ruins of the mayans, until the mexican government and some international Investors decided to create a resort to bring more tourists to Cancun. The Government build a barrage between the island and the Continent of Mexico, also they build a international airport with the effect that around 1980 Cancun gowned to a huge City. 


Cancun have may the most beautiful hotels and Resorts in the world, to find the right place just look around in the internet or ask your local travel agency. You can find from luxury hotels to simple rooms everything. Most of the Hotels offer TV, warm water, pool and a bar. The prizes varied from each hotel, the high season can my under circumstances quite expensive but still fair for a wonderful holiday.

Jungle Tours 

tour thru the mangroves to the beautiful Punta Nizue's coral reef b with your own super fast craft. Around 2.5 hours is the trip, include snorkeling guide and drinks. 


Every Wednesday is a bullfight in the local arena. This fights are not for everybody, but if you never saw one and like to this is a good place. 
Horseback riding Tours, you can find all over the beach or ask in your local hotel. The tours are usually a half day long an bring you to beautiful lagoons, caves and freshwater springs. 

Swim with the Dolphins.

Cancun have some place where you can do this. For around 80 USD you can swim one hour in a small group with the dolphins. People say the can heal you from all kind of problems you have.

Spring Break

For Spring Break vacations is Cancun a famous and excellent destination. Thousand of Students come here every year to relax at the beach and enjoy the great nightlife. The disco┬┤s, bars and tours offer usually on spring break special attractions specially for jungle people. 

The whether of Cancun 

Cancun have all around the year a tropical hot climate. In the summer can the thermometer climb up to 35 celicius. The winter is still hot but more pleasant with around 25-30 Celsius. The rain season is fom october to january and from aprill to june.