The aztecs expired around 14th, 15th and 16th century. Aztec civilization possessed a vibrant culture which included mandatory education and rich and complex mythological and religious traditions. There knowledge of writing, architecture, and cultivation where highly developed. Religion and rituals played a important role for war and society.

The Aztec Culture 

The aztec culture expired around 14th, 15th and 16th century. There culture had wise knowledge of the calendar, writings, farming, and architecture. There language was Classical Nahuatl which contains some different's to the modern Nahuatl which still used in some parts of Mexico. There are still many puzzles to solve which are undiscovered or wrong interpreted.


There religion was very complex, because of there many gods they prayed to. The reason for the highly number of gods is because every culture they conquered they took there religion and added there gods to there religion. Usually not every god was prayed, everybody had he's own favorite, where he prayed and offered to. After the war´s of the aztecs the sacrificed the the prisoners in top of there pyramids to keep the gods in a good mood. Millions of people where sacrificed after the war, which sounds cruel, but the european country's killed there enemy's directly during the fights, the aztecs sacrifices them after.