Alebrijes are handmade colorful fantasy figures made from paper, glue and color or copal wood. The creator of the figures work exact to paint and form the little details. You can find them at the markets or streets. There size and fantasies are no limits set, from a giraffe with wings or a frog with horns, from 2 cm small to 5 m high. 

The invention of the Alebrijes 

The Alebrijes were invented by a dream from Pedro Linares Lopez. He got ill when he was 30 years old. While he was in bed, he was dreaming of a strange place, a forest with animals stones trees etc. Suddenly the whole place transformed to something like a fantasies world, some kind of unknown animals, donkeys with butterfly wings, rooster with bull horns, lions with eagle head, and all of them where shouting just one word, "Alebrijes". They were shouting louder and louder. When the man woke up, he started to remember he's dream, and wanted to show he's families and the others the animal he saw. He modeled out of a pice of paper the animals he saw in he's dream. After he showed he's work to many people, he exhibit he's "Alebrijes" in Mexico, USA, and Europe. He dedicate the rest of his live to create and exhibit he's work until he died on january 26, 1992, when he was 85 years old.