Mexico ... Viva Mexico!

Here you can find everything you need to know about Mexico. We update this page all the time to give you the information you may need. Also we have a great photo gallery which is free for private use. If you would like to add or you feel we’re missing some information, please feel free to contact us. We will check or add the information and update it soon. This page is built to be an info and research portal for all people who are interested in Mexico and their culture. 

Mexico, where the contrast is at home

Mexico is a country of beauty, liberty, craziness, sadness, and contrast. In a trip of five miles you will find heaven and hell, unbelievable things, sad things and maybe even beauty which can make you cry. The colors of people and objects are endless like the beaches at the ocean. No one place is just like the other, every village and every place has its own traditions, culture, way of life, and nature. A visit to Mexico can change your life and educate your sense of color, flavor, and lifestyle. No one travels to this country without incredible experiences.